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Residential Mortgages

When refinancing or buying, it's not just about securing the top Canadian mortgage rates but getting a right mortgage that's crucial to the long-term value of your most important investment.

Commercial Mortgages

Commercial mortgages in Canada are subject to different regulations than residential mortgages - a Sherwood mortgage agent can guide you through the process for a stress free experience.

First Time Buyers

Entering the housing market and aren't quite sure what you can afford? We can help. Our team of experts can guide you through to your first home and help you make the best financial decision.

Refinancing & Equity Loans

Our mortgage brokerage can help you refinance your mortgage and secure a home equity loan or renovation financing, leveraging the equity in your home for other expeneses.

Securing a home can feel both stressful and exciting. Skyrocketing property prices, bidding wars, limited availabilities, and securing an affordable mortgage rate in Canada can dampen even the keenest of buyers' excitement and consider another few months on their parents' couch.
At Sherwood Mortgage Group, we believe that buying a house, like any major life milestone, should be a positive experience. Our mortgage brokerage aims to make your home buying experience stress-free and straightforward, with the comfort of knowing you're backed by a trusted team of Canadian mortgage agents and brokers.

Whether it's your first home or your fourth, Sherwood's mortgage agents have facilitated hundreds of millions of dollars in financing for Canadian homeowners, along with unparalleled insight into Canada's current mortgage rates and housing market. Each Sherwood Mortgage agent offers expertise in both residential mortgages and commercial mortgages, while our diverse resources provide top Canadian mortgage rates exclusive to our clients.

At Sherwood Mortgage Group, a trusted mortgage brokerage, we believe that buying a house, like any major life milestone, should be a positive experience. A mortgage is simply a loan. Most mortgages take 15 to 30 years to be paid out. For some, it could even be a lifetime.  Proper planning is essential to chart out mortgage payments so that the monthly dues do not become a financial constraint in the longer term.

Down payments are the initial payments, made upfront. The monthly mortgage will be reduced by the amount of down payment made. At Sherwood Mortgage Group, we take the time to explain these details to you, so you will never be in the dark.

As a trusted mortgage brokerage, we aim to make your home-buying experience stress-free and straightforward, with the comfort of knowing that you're backed by a reliable team of Canadian mortgage agents and brokers. Before you are approved for a mortgage, you may have many questions. What are fixed and variable payments? What are convertible variable rates? How long does the approval process take? Our team of experienced professionals will patiently walk you through all these terms, so you are aware and can make an informed decision.

Many clients, who come to us, get confused about the "mortgage term" and the "amortization period". The former is the period of time during which the current mortgage rate you initially signed for applies. The amortization term is the length of time provided to pay off the entire loan amount through monthly mortgage payments.

Any mortgage broker in Toronto will be able to make lofty promises, but our team is guarded enough to offer only what they can deliver. We will be honest with you about your deals. No pushy salesman-like tactics employed just honest regard for your money.

Buying a home is a memorable milestone - Sherwood Mortgage Group can help you achieve that goal.

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