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Securing Exclusive Mortgage Rates in Canada is our Neighbourhood

Securing a home can feel both stressful and exciting. Skyrocketing property prices, bidding wars, limited availabilities, and securing an affordable mortgage rate in Canada can dampen even the keenest of buyers' excitement and consider another few months on their parents' couch.
At Sherwood Mortgage Group, we believe that buying a house, like any major life milestone, should be a positive experience. Our mortgage brokerage aims to make your home buying experience stress-free and straightforward, with the comfort of knowing you're backed by a trusted team of canadian mortgage brokers and agents.
Whether it's your first home or your fourth, Sherwood's mortgage agents have facilitated hundreds of millions of dollars in financing for Canadian homeowners, along with unparalleled insight into Canada's current mortgage rates and housing market. Each Sherwood Mortgage agent offers expertise in both residential mortgages and commercial mortgages, while our diverse resources provide top Canadian mortgage rates exclusive to our clients.
Buying a home is a memorable milestone - Sherwood Mortgage Group can help you achieve that goal. Find your mortgage agent today by filling out our online application!

Residential Mortgages


When buying or refinancing, it's not just about securing the top Canadian mortgage rates, but getting the right mortgage that's crucial to the long-term value of your most important investment.
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Commercial Mortgages

Commercial mortgages in Canada are subject to different regulations than home mortgages - a Sherwood mortgage agent can guide you through the process for a stress free experience.
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First Time Buyers

Entering the housing market and aren't quite sure what you can afford? We can help. Our team of experts can guide you through your first investment and help you make the best financial decision.
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Refinancing & Equity Loans

Our mortgage brokerage can help you refinance your mortgage and secure a home equity loan or renovation financing, leveraging the equity in your home for other expeneses.
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Sherwood Events

Sherwood Mortgage Events

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Our mortgage agents meet the needs of commercial customers across a diverse range of mortgage and leasing needs. The chart below reflects the variety of areas we specialize in when it comes to commercial mortgage rates:

Standard Financing Requests
Take-Out Financing
Special Purpose Properties
Medical Buildings
Mixed Use
Golf Courses
Banquet Halls
Retirement Homes
Gas Stations
Funeral Homes